The Great Depression didn't prevent families from having babies — including me, in my case to middle class parents in Kokomo, Indiana. A typical small town boyhood followed this event — paper routes, basketball, teen dances, and too many greasy French fries.

After surviving a rigorous liberal arts education with a BA degree in English at Wabash College, Uncle Sam offered me a job in the Army Security Agency, and I spent most of my two-and-a-half-year hitch as a German linguist with a gun and a guard dog on the East/West German border. The GI Bill provided me with a post army year at The Free University in Berlin, where I probably spent more time socializing with frauleins than studying until I decided it was time to get serious about my life. This meant acquiring sufficient knowledge at The New York Institute of Finance to land a job as an investment advisor with a major investment firm in Chicago, where I eventually became a First Vice President. Between dispensing advise to clients, I announced and wrote the first TV reporting of the stock market before moving to radio for many years.

My passion for writing, which began at Wabash, resulted in the publication of a number of short stories and some novels, the most recent of which are THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES and THE GUMSHOE, both mystery/thrillers. LAZARUS is an adaptation of a screenplay that was a top ten finalist in the Illinois/Chicago Film Writing Competition. Published by Savant Books and Publications in 2013, it has received rave reviews, including one by The Huffington Post, and a major award in fiction at The Pacific Rim Book Festival in Hollywood. Some of my screenplays had been optioned by independent producers, including Don Johnson Productions. Savant has just released COMIC CRUSADERS, an adventure/fantasy screenplay novel, and I am putting the finishing touches on RETRIBUTION, a sequel to THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES.

When I can pry my fingers off my laptop keyboard, I find time to read, watch vintage flicks, hit tennis balls, bike and swim. I am currently semi-retired and enjoying good health, thanks to my wife and true love, Kay, who keeps a loving eye on my diet. No more greasy French fries!



When a teenage cartoonist uses a magic pen to bring his superhero to life,
he unwittingly unleashes a grotesque supervillain and his Dark Legion,
who want to take over the world.

Published by Aignos Publishing, an imprint of Savant Books and Publications.
Available from Amazon, Ingram, Barnes & Noble
and other fine bookstores throughout the world.

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